Organic Living

I am on a quest to live the cleanest, healthiest life I can...

The make up I wear, the body lotion I rub onto my skin, the product I clean my dishes with are all potential hazards to my wellbeing. So I'm throwing out all those chemical shitstorms and cancer parodies and replacing them with all natural, organic and clean products that will not be harmful to my body. 

 Here are some great products and sites that you can use to help transform your beauty regime and home living for the better:

 Skin Care and Cosmetics:

  • Peachy Clean: The site to go to for all your natural and organic skin care options. 
  • Eco Tan: All natural and certified organic fake tan. Amazing stuff, I can't recommend this enough.
  • Mukti Organics: Skin, body and hair care products. My current skin care treatment.
  • Savi Organics Australia: Wide range of skin, body and hair (including dreadlock) care products.
  • Sodashi: Luxury skin care that is clean for a change.

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